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Weekend Rodeo

After being assigned to shoot the local area Rodeo for the past few years I have become to some a fixture. “This guy with the camera is okay”, they seem to think as I pass by or pick out my spot on the rail. It can be a tough clic to get into. Photographers can get a bad rap by getting in the way or lurking around where they are not welcome. Even well established pros can be kept at arms length by publishing unflattering photos of cowboys face down on the arena floor or cowgirls in anything but most attractive poses. That’s not to say that I don’t have those shots because I sure do, lots of them. I just don’t publish them. At least I don’t where any Rodeo people would see them. My business card is floating around the Canadian circuit and if I’m going to continue to get requests for prints I will tow the line.

This year the weather didn’t cooperate very much for the three day event. It was dark and cloudy for most of the events and this made sharp clear photos pretty tough.  But I did complete my assignment and came up with the photos expected of me. Before and between the events my camera is always on patrol for good images in the crowd and behind the scenes. This year I wasn’t disappointed. My favorite photo came from far away from the arena. A little girl playing on the back of a big truck used to pull a very large horse trailer was by far my best opportunity for a great photo. Lucky me she was willing and her dear mother was just as happy to have her photographed. After  I e-mailed her mother copies. As it often happens children make some of the best subjects.

Behind these glasses Cutie Gerry 50D 201408179_20 s Gerry 50D 201408179_57 s Gerry 50D 201408179_408 s Gerry 50D 201408179_654 s Hard fall Hold on Just another pretty cowgirl Rodeo Girl Too Cute for you


Rodeo 2013

For the last few years I have made the trip to the local rodeo here in Cranbrook British Columbia with my cameras. I am granted a press pass and this gives me some pretty good access to get close to the action. Over the three day event I get some great shots and have fun doing it. It’s hard to narrow the list to just a few for my blog post. I hope you enjoy photos I’ve posted as much as I did shooting them.

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Fly Fishing

It’s hard to hold back too long without posting a set of fly fishing photos. It would be a stretch to say I have thousands of them but I probably have several hundred. I was a fly fishing guide for many years here in British Columbia. Mostly the South East corner, (where all the fish are). Not many people would disagree with the thought that the S.E. corner of this province is the real fly fishing Mecca of North America. Some in Montana fight me on this one but my only response is to say, “Come try it out for your self”. I packed a camera along on every trip. For myself and for my fishing customers.

It would take me hours to go through them all to find the ones I like the best. Here are a few that I have always liked. Photos where I did get the results I was going for. Grip and grin photos are what you get most of the time with fishing snap shots. I always tried to get a photograph and not just a snap shot. Because I live in the heart of the Rocky Mountains it’s kinda easy to get a great back ground scene and wonderful water colours. I don’t think I could ever pick out a favorite photo. I do know that I have a few hundred that I enjoy looking at over and over again. Lots of great memories are attached to them. I have decided to post a few fly fishing photos in this blog because even for non-fishers I think we all can imagine being there at that moment. All the fish I ever photographed were released live shortly after the grip and grin.

Baseball just around the corner

I get this eager feeling every year about this time. Spring training is not far away and I can’t wait. I know that with spring will again come the tug-of-war between watching baseball and packing my cameras off into the forest or wildlife sanctuary. It’s been this way for as long as I can remember. This year will be the same no doubt. I dug these photos out of their file for another look to get the juices flowing. They are a few of my personal favorites.