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From the inception of photography the person on the business side of the camera has been attracted to reflections. Capturing people in mirrors, sunsets over water and any image that a reflection can improve on. A photo of a sky scraper would be dull in anyone’s view. But add a unique reflection of the building across the street now you have something. I was watching a fisherman row his boat on a small lake this summer and was attracted to the scene primarily because the reflection of him and his boat was a real artistic vision. When the trees around the lake added their color I couldn’t get my camera up to my eye fast enough.

On the beach earlier this summer I had my camera glued to my hand all day. The water and sun provided me with more reflection photo opportunities than I could take in. I guess most photographers feel the same way. A well placed reflection can add grand dimensions to a photo if your looking for them or just happen to look up at a glass covered building and see what has always been there. Now just take the picture.


other side of the street

Fishermans reflection t HDR fishing dock Oar reflection Old Car HDR pretty reflection Sept 28 2014 sunset the props nose fisherman at sunset Reflection at the Beach s


Blue Birds

Not far from my home it can be easy to find good photo opportunities and this time of year with all the nesting birds to hunt it gets pretty intense. Intense and enjoyable. I do know how lucky I am to live where I do, ( the Canadian Rockies) and get the pictures I get. Thank you to all those great people involved deeper than I with all the great conservation efforts. Good to know that when I bring my grandchildren to these same spots the wildlife will be there. Words are not enough to properly thank Art Grunig for the many thousands of nest boxes he has built in his life time. Without Art’s efforts these photos would not be possible.

Art s Western blue bird pair s Gerry 40D201406149_4 s Blue Bird with cricket male western blue bird s Western Blue Bird matted pair s Western Bluebird tagged Western Blue Bird s Gerry 40D201406149_68 s Sun through my wings s


Winter Rams

In live and wonder in the Canadian Rockies. That being said I am blessed with an abundance of wildlife all around me, if you know where to look. I’m also pretty lucky in that I don’t have to travel far in most cases to get the photos I want. Since early December I’ve been on a hunt to capture two big horn sheep butting heads. While I did get a shot it’s not a great one. In the process I did get some good photos of some of the sheep in the heard of nearly 60 animals. The rams challenging each other is hard to capture. Most of the time you hear it and don’t see it. Or in my case it was going on behind the trees. I have been on location several times this last month and hold the hope I will get the shot I want. I will post it when I get it, cross your fingers.

201312249_37 s 201312249_41 s 201312249_77 s 201312249_79 s 201312249_88 s 201312249_92 s Walking Ram

Winter HDR

Perfecting HDR photography is still perfecting photography in that I think you never really get it right, you just get better at it . Oh yes you can get better at it but if you are your own harsh critic you will always find ways to make improvements. Ways to tweak things so you can see progress from the early beginnings. It’s a fun journey but some times a long and slow one. When it works it can really work. That’s the reward I suppose.

201312269_31_2_3_tonemapped a s 201312269_34_5_6_tonemapped a s 201312269_43_4_5_tonemapped a s 201312269_53_4_5_tonemapped a s

Winter in the Rockies

Our winter here in the Canadian Rockies has been a little slow to take hold. While the valley bottoms have had very little snow all the mountains have had their fill. Local ski hills are planning early openings and you can see that all the mountain peaks are capped in white. It’s coming we know it’s just a matter of time. More winter photos to come…

melting ice Mountain peak Snow Fall Winter Ram

Mark Creek Falls

I have photographed Mark Creek many times. Each time trying to out-do the last. The good photo ops only come up in spring and fall when the water levels are at their lowest. Fall still provides the best color when the light cooperates. Never the less it’s always a great photo trek.

Mark Creek Falls Sept 21 2013 Mark Creek Sept 21 2013 a Mark Creek Sept 21 2013 b Mark Creek Sept 21 2013 c Mark Creek Sept 21 2013 d

Photo contest finalist

I recently entered a photo contest in my home province of British Columbia calling for photos that would present my photographic abilities. The contest boosts that it will unveil the “Best amateur photographer of B.C.” or something like that. For once I took the submission call pretty seriously. I do enter a few contests from time to time. Most often to compare my stuff to others. Nice to know how you measure up sometimes. I get surprised and once in a while get pretty close to winning or a least the top two or three. Because this contest is based in my home province I thought I would send the full list of allowed submissions. I was able to send a total of five photos. After several hours of short listing from as many as 300 I was able to reduce the first list of a couple dozen to only the five I was allowed to submit. It was sure hard to cut the list down. I wanted to show a good cross section of the photos I like best so these are the five I picked. As it turned out I was selected as a finalist and I am off to shoot with about twenty other finalists representing their regions of the province. I should know how it all turns out by Sunday night. I’ll let you good or bad…..

Bull dog size Keep me warm size Mark Creek Falls size Shallow water size alone in the sun

Feeding the kids

I had a good spring finding and staking out productive nesting sites. In the Canadian Rockies we are lucky to have an abundant wild bird population. Humans have taken up the responsibility of helping out the western blue birds by placing thousands of nest boxes on fence posts everywhere you look. I am lucky to call the main man involved a good friend of mine. With all those nest boxes it can be tough actually being in position to photograph the parents tending the nest. Most of the time I find myself 200 meters and five nest boxes too far away.

The same can be said for the northern flicker nests. There are hundreds of trees with holes in them but which one has a woodpecker nest in it and will I get the photo I’m looking for. I can tell you that it takes a lot of time and when you get the shot you want all the time and effort is worth it.

Western Blue bird male Western Blue bird flight Father flicker tending the nest Flicker brothers Northern Flicker leaving nest Northern flicker male young flicker calling for lunch

Wild Flowers

It has been a little tough to get good wildlife and outdoor photos this year because the weather hasn’t been very cooperative. It has been my luck that when ever I get a chance to pack the camera gear up for an outing the clouds roll in and the rain or just poor lighting takes over. Thursday was no exception. Never the less I ran from the rain and found my self a few kilometers away from home in an area that my family used to spend a lot of time. About ten years ago the forest suffered a major forest fire and was left looking pretty barren. As I drove through the forest I could see that was just the opposite. Mother nature has turned the forest into something you could maybe see in a big green house. Without the low lying bushes and tree branches providing all the shade the ground covering vegetation takes over with a fury. Wonderful to experience, wonderful to see in nature.

20130620_1752 tag size 20130620_1753 tag size 20130620_1757 tag size 201306209_77 tag size 201306209_79 tag size 20130620_1750 tag size 20130612926 tag size

Learning more about HDR photography

It has been a few months between Blog posts. I do that on purpose. My intention is to not just produce a post for the sake of posting. I am trying to create blog posts that show a broad cross section of my work. It has been a rather poor winter for good photo opts. Never the less I did manage to get some great shots and as always looking every day for the next great photo. I’m having some fun learning the new style of post processing HDR. As most already know it is a blending of three or more photos of the same subject with some HDR software help.

Like a lot of photography skills a slow self taught progress helps to keep the learning curve a little straighter. HDR photography is one of those art forms that works for some and not for others. I am finding that it is all in the subject. If you have it in the viewfinder you my have it after the HDR processing.Sunset at Cancun HDR Fishing Dock HDR size Ft Steele winter HDR Idaho barn HDR size Mark Creek Falls winter HDR 1 mark Creek Falls winter HDR 2 Mark Creek Falls winter HDR 3 Moyie Falls HDR 1 Sunrise at Liz lake 2 HDR Sunrise at Liz lake HDR Swimming Dock HDR size