Photography by Gerry Frederick

Learning more about HDR photography

It has been a few months between Blog posts. I do that on purpose. My intention is to not just produce a post for the sake of posting. I am trying to create blog posts that show a broad cross section of my work. It has been a rather poor winter for good photo opts. Never the less I did manage to get some great shots and as always looking every day for the next great photo. I’m having some fun learning the new style of post processing HDR. As most already know it is a blending of three or more photos of the same subject with some HDR software help.

Like a lot of photography skills a slow self taught progress helps to keep the learning curve a little straighter. HDR photography is one of those art forms that works for some and not for others. I am finding that it is all in the subject. If you have it in the viewfinder you my have it after the HDR processing.Sunset at Cancun HDR Fishing Dock HDR size Ft Steele winter HDR Idaho barn HDR size Mark Creek Falls winter HDR 1 mark Creek Falls winter HDR 2 Mark Creek Falls winter HDR 3 Moyie Falls HDR 1 Sunrise at Liz lake 2 HDR Sunrise at Liz lake HDR Swimming Dock HDR size


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