Photography by Gerry Frederick

It’s all in the planning

     It’s true that I find myself out with my cameras about five days a week for a few hours at a time. Even more often when I can. It’s a compulsion no doubt. Up until this year I rarely had a plan in mind when I left the house. Now I do most of the time. I plan to photograph one subject or another and gather up the gear I need for just that shot. Sometimes it backfires on me like the morning I was out for a sunrise shot and a doe and her fawn wandered into the field not far from where I was finishing up. They were too far away for my 55 mm lens and because I never planned on shooting anything that would require a telephoto so I just watched them and lost the opportunity all together. On the up side when I plan to shoot ducklings in the wildlife preserve not far from my house I carry the gear that I need and follow the plan to shoot baby ducks. The plan usually means walking right past other nature photo ops and right to where I expect the ducklings to be. This helps keep the time-table under control and the task at hand a lot easier to complete. Just wondering around the preserve can eat up lots of time and before you know it the light is gone and so are the ducks. As everyone knows the opportunities for great wildlife shots can be fleeting so not wasting time eyeing wild flowers is important if your really looking for the ducklings money shot.

learning to swim

Young goslings


After whats felt like hours but in real time only 20 minutes or so I was able to get this shot of a mother beaver and her youngster.
I knew they lived there becasue I spotted them on an earlier stake out only to have a truck drive by and scare them under water.
This time I went with a plan to pick my spot and stay as covered as I could for as long as I could stand it. Minutes before I was
ready to call it a day they crused by just about 20 meters away. Proving to me once again that planning and patience pays off.



One response

  1. Love the ducklings. I’ve been able to catch baby loons and baby ducks once or twice, it’s always a treat. Thanks for sharing these great shots.

    October 31, 2011 at 6:16 pm

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